Air Austral is an airline based at Roland Garros Airport in Sainte-Marie, Réunion, a French territory located in the Indian Ocean. Until 2012, the airline offered a highly ambitious set of scheduled and charter services to destinations in AfricaEurope, the Indian Ocean, Asia, and Australasia.

Air Austral announced in 2009 an order for two 840-seat Airbus A380s, to operate on its high-density route between Réunion and Paris, with talk also of services to the Asia Pacificregion, including Australia, where it then operated with 777 equipment.

After suffering substantial losses and a partial bailout by the government, new CEO Marie-Joseph Male initiated a major restructuring programme in 2012 which involves selling the airline's two Boeing 777s, reducing the network and reportedly cancelling the A380 orders.



Reunion Island’s home airline, Air Austral, appears headed back into the profit territory after some dismal financial performances over the past few years. Though their passenger revenues are expected to be down by 5 percent this year compared to the 2012/13 period, operating costs also fell by an astonishing 11+ percent, while the operating income rose by over a third for the corresponding period of time. Cargo revenue for Air Austral rose by nearly 3.5 percent while other income rose by nearly 31 percent. The airline’s net income rose by nearly 55 percent compared to last year while the company managed to reduce debt by nearly 19 percent.

The airline flies 12 times a week from St. Denis, the Reunion Island capital, to Paris, and also offers a range of regional flights to Johannesburg (2x/weekly), 3 destinations on Madagascar, to Mauritius, Mayotte, the Comoros, and from the end of June to the Seychelles. Added intercontinental routes are to Chennai in India (2x/weekly) and to Bangkok, Thailand, (2x/weekly). Air Austral also served Reunion’s second airport of Saint Pierre, using an ATR 72 for that service. The overall fleet is now comprised of 8 aircraft at present, including 2 ATR 72-500, 2 B737-800NG, 1 B777-200LR, and 3 B777-300ER after re-leasing one ATR 72 and two B777. Air Austral has two pending orders with Airbus for the A380, but there are indications that this order may be shelved.

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