"Parade of Warbirds", only at Arlington, T-34 Mentors

Talking Yaks, Yak52 N452 TW, Jack Rose, Spangle, Wa

Beech C-45H, Neil and Linda Morrison, Bellevue, "Parade of Warbirds" .

A thank you wave to the crowd, Renny Price and his Sukoi 27

Arlington Award Winner, "Best Primary Trainer", Vultee BT-13A, N#10458, Robert Marshall, Belgrade, MT

A High Flyer - 1994 Aeromot AMT 200 Super
N6284 Q, Rotex 912 Engine



Arlington EAA
Fly-In and Airshow

Photos by Ed Anderson

Photo series
Photo Series 2



1994 PZL -104 Wilga-80 (N104AW), Tracy Hansen, Hillsboro, OR