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We welcome your classified advertisements.

Classified Advertising
and Classified Display

"There's a kind of magic about great advertising,
where logic and gut feel, fact and fantasy all work
together and no one can really say how or why.”

Our Column inch rate is $75, and this option allows the advertiser to build a convenient size and or shape to fit a particular message of theme. Our publisher got his start writing and marketing Classified Advertising with a Canadian Newspaper, and knows very well how powerful these small space ads can be. They are truly the work horses of marketing. The following are some suggested size options available in Africa Travel Magazine. Discounts are available for frequency of insertions, and combination long range Print- Web packages are available. E-mail:, fax (604) 681-6595.

Classified on this Web Site Only
In addition to Classified and Classified Display in our printed magazine, you now have the following option:t Send 200 words or less. Our staff will produce the ad and e-mail you a proof. We will send you an invoice only after your ad appears in our "Marketplace" Classified Advertising section, and is approved by yourself Here is an example:

Anywhere, Africa
Adventure Tour experiences . Air Charters, Flight-Seeing and Fly-in Camping, Northern Tanzania, Kenya and Kilimanjaro, Ethiopia's Holy Route and Rift Valley, Victoria Lake, Zambezi River, Zanzibar and Indian Ocean Islands, Hot Springs, National Parks, Cape Coast. You name it! Special Management and Protected Areas. Eco-Adventures, and Back Country Recreation. It's all here in Safari Air Service Ltd. Patrick & Jane Doe, Box 3870, Anywhere, Africa .

Your ad will appear in the most appropriate business category.

Prices are subject to change, so be assured of the above advertising rate and options bv acting now.

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