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This newest series of magazine editions will be much more than just business as usual, it will involve raising capital via government grants and private lenders, investment in tourism properties, world trade avenues, local and regional partnerships, real estate, coming events worth attending, new web sites and opportunities. A directory of e-mail and web sites from the top 100 contacts is planned .

Breakfast of Champions
Here's an interesting concept we read about on the web. It concerns Internet Breakfast Forums as networking opportunities. The lead in statement is as follows: "If you are seeking VC funding or if you want others to know that you may want to invest in their businesses, you can purchase a special badge that indicates to all attendees that your are seeking VC funding or that you are a VC looking for new business plans. We'll tell all attendees about the meaning of these special badges. The cost per badge per event is $100.00. All badges must be purchased prior to every event and are valid only on the day of the event. Registration and payment must be completed online through our secure payment system. Register for a Breakfast Forum in one of the cities below and you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a badge at the end of the registration process. Berlin | Boston | Jerusalem | London | Melbourne | New York | Tel Aviv Web site:



The first 'online club' dedicated to putting business travelers in touch with each other whenever they are away on business and wherever they are in the world. ( is aimed at business travelers who wish to make new contacts, find buyers or suppliers or meet with other members with whom they share common interests. The first 10,000 visitors to register on the site will receive two years free membership; after this number is reached, the cost of joining is $79 annually.

Registered members of log their email address, home city, occupation and nationality. When traveling, members may 'post' their trip itinerary, interests and any message. By making a 'posting' in this way, a member will automatically gain access to the contact details of others 'in town' during that time and can overview any potential networking possibilities. 'Postings' will be deleted within 24 hours of the return trip.

William Westley Richards, creator of, stated that "We've developed over a period of 2 years and now, can truly say, that the club can be anything a business traveler wants it to be. For example, it can provide an opportunity to 'overview' who is doing what and where within your industry or an opportunity to identify new business and new suppliers. Ultimately, we hope it will realize the untapped networking potential of every business trip by allowing users to meet as many people from as many different industries as they wish."

Prior to, William Westley Richards was previously a Lloyds international reinsurance broker who traveled extensively. After too many evenings of dining alone in restaurants or hotels accompanied by many other solitary diners, he realized there was a need for a proactive communication vehicle between travelers of different nations and business sectors and came up with the idea for the ultimate networking tool - boasts an extremely user-friendly and modern design that is inspiring and refreshing to use. It is actively promoted across the USA and UK.


Two Year Free Membership For First 10,000 Registrants

Further benefits of include:

* An exclusive members 'club lounge' which will also carry business travel news, celebrity travelers tips etc.;
* A roaming facility that automatically connects to a local internet provider;
* Access to free subway maps; language courses; a world clock and world weather reports;
Direct links to tourist boards web sites around the world including key local dates and events;* Email reminders - if a member hasn't made a posting for a period of time.

It is important to note that has an active obscenity filter.

To interview William Westley Richards or for further press information and images of the logo and site, please contact Karen Hoffman at The Bradford Group,
Tel (212) 447-0027 or email: