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Photos and story by Ed Anderson

Bellingham Washington AIRFEST


Unprecedented crowds were drawn to the Bellingham International Airport June 15 this year, for an exceptional Father's Day Airfest event. Hosted by the Port of Bellingham and airport staff, gates were open to the public 10 am to 4 pm. Early marine cloud and a bit of moisture were dismissed by mid morning for a sun filled fun day. Vintage aircraft, pristine yesteryear cars, trucks, motorcycles and, this year for the first time, a full aerobatic display program. Airshow performers at their Sunday best were; Greg Poe of Boise Idaho, flying the "Crucial Edge 540", Bud Granley Airshows, Everett WA - 'Yak 55M', Ken Fowler and the 'Harmon Rocket', John Mrazek in his big Mk. IV Harvard, and the Fraser Blues, a five place Navion flying formation team, all based in British Columbia. The "Cascade Warbirds Squadron 2" were also in attendance as were the William Anders bunch with aircraft of the Heritage Flight Museum, Orcas Island WA, now apparently lobbying hard to relocate at the Bellingham International Airport. Late morning arrivals included eight members of the well known Blackjack Squadron, a 16 place formation flying demonstration group, sporting kit RVs, based at Arlington WA.


Upwards of sixty aircraft filled the ramp, from Amphibian Floats to Antiques, Classics, Kits, Warbirds, jet trainers and active military (two U.S. Navy F-18 "Hornets" and a U.S. Marines A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog"). Throughout the day there were a variety of planes that went airborne for fly-bys. Great Stuff.


A couple of Travelair biplanes, a Stinson "Detroiter" and an SNJ-5 were very steady all day with pay passengers. Likewise, the food vendors and display booths had little rest. For the young ones J.P. Patches Clown Show and Kids Korner easily took care of any boredom factor. A fairly good barometer that everyone really enjoyed themselves. Albeit the security presence was there, but in a rather subtle way, not overbearing, which made for a comfortable but safe environment. Quite a challenge in these days of increased concerns.


The affable Greg Poe, as always, thrilled his audience with vigorous and stunning sequences of aerobatic displays "from Out of the Blue". Loops, rolls, hammerheads, eight Cubans, free falls and more in his Crucial Edge 540 lightweight mount, built with the absolute best of aeronautic technology. 16 shows to this date, from El Salvador to Alaska to Saskatchewan, Canada and back to the circuit in the United States.


Story and Photos

By Ed Anderson






























































An obvious success for the third annual Flight Fest held on Father's Day, June 17 at the Bellingham Airport. A welcome sunny sky tempered by a cool ocean breeze helped the organizers and the many volunteers welcome overflow crowds throughout the day. Gates opened at 10am with festivities winding down at around 4pm.

The Navy's P-3 Orien and the Coast Guard HC-130H Hercules were among the popular attractions drawing long lines of walk through lookers. The ground display Navy F/A 18A and F/A 18F Hornets (VFA 204 & VFA 122) likewise garnered lots of close inspections and discussions as did a venerable EA-6B Prowler from VAQ 129. Fly-in beauty planes included a LeBroussard in French Navy markings (N16MH), a C-45 Beech 18, "Texas Rose" (N45N), a spit' n polished bare skinned Cessna 195 (C-FEMN) and a like glistening little 1948 Ercoupe (N94805), an immaculate red Waco Classic, N685AF, a PT-13B Stearman (N65695), a Nan Chiang CJ6-A (N6097G) and plenty of others.

Nothing though, attracts attention faster than the sounds of a "Warbird". Such it was when General William Anders (ret.), taxied out "Wampus Cat", an F8F-2 Grumman Bearcat for a little action. The Bearcat and the Nan Chiang were taken aloft for a few fast and lows over the run-way which thrilled all of us to no end. The Heritage Flight  Museum, presently of Orcas Island WA also flew in, with Bill Anders at the controls, an aerial jack-of-all-trades L-13B 'Grasshopper' in U.S.A.F. markings, s/n 47-412 (N7412) that was in pristine condition. Quite an airplane.

Nine RV's, of the Arlington based "Black Jack Squadron" presented close formation flypasts on arrival. Just a great sight with surround sound which brought on rousing applause from delighted spectators.

The Wings of Dreams bi-planes were busy with rides for pay and live bands filled the air with a wide variety of music. Plenty of vendors plying their fares and wares, with lots of exhibits and displays for everybody. Beautiful Classic and Antique automobiles and motorcycles were also on display and in the gorgeous sunshine they too attracted throngs of admirers.

The Bellingham Airport and the Flight Fest continue to improve and appropriately, I quote a saying I heard some years ago, " Attitude plus Aptitude gives Altitude" and so far folks you have it. Continued good luck and success.


Story and Photos

by Ed Anderson