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Boundary Bay, Delta, Ladner
and Tsawwassen

by Jerry W. Bird


Boundary Bay Airport serves the sprawling Municipality of Delta, which comprises three main residential and commercial areas; Tsawwassen and Ladner in the west, and North Delta, which borders on Surrey in the east. The three communities are quite different in appearance and several other ways. Ladner is very popular as a movie site, because it typifies a Canadian or US town of the fifties. Somehow it has retained that atmosphere, and the people seem to fit the role, as if arranged by central casting. I love the place for browsing at the bookstore, shopping for hardware items, purchasing freshly caught fish off the pier, or bright pumpkins and fresh produce off the farm.

BC ferryThe drive from Trans Canada Highway to the BC Ferry Terminal is a delight; many times you can see thoroughbreds going through their paces as you whiz by, or watch a small aircraft dipping and diving in a crop dusting maneuver. Like the Naked City of TV fame, the town must have a million stories. Check out the museum on the main street, and be sure stop at Uncle Herman's for fish and chips, topped off by a pint of lager. By the way, a few years ago, they completed a beautiful modern swimming pool and exercise facility next to the Ladner Hospital. We usually book our visitors at the Best Western Tsawwassen Inn or the Town and Country Inn on the Trans Canada Highway, just south of the Dease Island Tunnel.

Having lived in nearby Point Roberts, Washington (a laid back border village), I got to know the area very well, and managed to discover many of its attractions. Tsawwassen is located on the southern most peninsula of the lower mainland of B.C. Canada with Point Roberts at it's most southerly tip. It's an easy drive from Vancouver, ten minutes from the international airport (YVR), 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver and 5 minutes to the B.C. Ferry Terminal.

Tsawwassen's commercial area encompasses 56th Street and the area between 16th Avenue and 12th Avenue. The population of Tsawwassen is approximately 20,000 and 33% of this group is in the 55 plus age group.

For information: The Business Improvement Association of Tsawwassen, Diana Cousins, BIA Coordinator, 1333 - 56 Street, Delta, B.C. Canada V4L 2A6, Tel: (604) 943-0502 Fax: (604) 943-3487, E-Mail:


Memories of Boundary Bay
During the 60s the airport was not in use (used during the 2nd world war) but it was a Canadian Forces Base. I know because I used to live there. I can still see the base. It was small in comparison to other bases in Canada. One school, 1 church, it even had a central playground and wading pool.

The runways were not used, but as children we explored the runs and discovered a fantastic orchard - peaches, plums raspberries, blackberries, apples. The base was encircled in a gate and at its eastern border was an old arena. It did not belong to the base but to the city and there was an opening in the wire fence.

Many years later I visited the area (I know live in Ottawa). The houses, school and church were gone, but the streets still remained.

Angie Gruhs


More to come about Boundary Bay Airport's history, the attractions of Tsawwassen and Ladner, hotel accommodation and popular places to dine. Yes, we will even include Point Roberts and the River Road area. If you have a story or background on this topic, please e-mail:, fax (604) 681-6595


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