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Rivers and Waterways of Canada
photos by Ken Bird

This is the introduction to a series featuring photos and comments by Ken Bird of Calgary, Alberta and others in his group of adventurers. Its aim is to provide first hand experiences of adventures on Canada's rivers, lakes and coastal waters. We will combine present day adventures by canoe, kayak and inflatable raft, with anecdotes from Canadian history. Our experts will discuss the merits of their preferred craft, and our travel team will supply key links to details on transportation, plus background on local communities as destinations, gateways and staging points for adventures afloat.

We begin this section with several of the 30 or more British Columbia and Alberta rivers traveled by Ken Bird of Calgary and friends. Their main conveyance is a sturdy fiberglass canoe, however they also travel by kayak. Beaton - Clearwater - Murray Parsnip - Peace - Pine

Our Editor, Jerry W. Bird has lived in various parts of Canada, usually close to a well known river, such as the Yukon, Bow, North Saskatchewan and Fraser. In his younger days, it was the fabled Klondike where he learned to swim, fish and explore life in the great outdoors. He returned north for a short time in 1992 on behalf of the Canadian Government (Public works), during the filming of the Alaska Hghway's 50th Anniversary television documentary. Once again, he was able to fish in the mighty Yukon; this time at Whitehorse, where his Mother and uncles went to school. Among their classmates were such notables as Canadian writer and television personality, Pierre Berton.

We will feature the Yukon River and its tributaries in detail. For now, we offer some memories of the paddle wheelers, a fleet that operated on that mighty river system until the mid fifties.

In 1995, Jerry W. Bird wrote a travel feature for Latitudes Magazine of Montreal. Included was the Columbia River Valley in the Kootenays, and the string of hot springs from Cranbrook, BC to Golden, Banff and beyond. There's much more to come.

Photo Credit: Ken Bird -
Location: Kiniseo Falls, Monkman Park, near Tumbler Rdge, BC