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Explore the Charm of Old Mexico and Copper Canyon on the Sierra Madre Train
Sierra Madre Express of Tucson

Siera MadreSince 1989, when we initiated the series, Railways of the World, one of the railway tours that has invited the most response from readers near and far, is the Sierra Madre Express of Tucson, which winds its way into Mexico's spectacular Copper Canyon. While I haven't measured either of them, geographers claim that the Copper Canyon is four times larger than America's Grand Canyon and is even deeper. What makes this amazing locale even more spectacular, is the fact that the train passes through a total of 87 tunnels and across 39 bridges in a six hour period. You can imagine what a massive construction project it was in the early days. Many of our readers will remember classic Bogart film, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," which may help you set the scene, and will give you an idea of the landscape in this rugged part of Mexico.

As for the railway equipment, the Sierra Madre Express is a private restored train of 1940s vintage. It carries a maximum of 40 passengers, which means that you will receive an extra measure of pampering.

The five beautifully restored rail cars feature private bedrooms, indoor and outdoor lounge cars, a traditional railway dining car and kitchen car, plus the "Plaza Lamy", a newly restored 1950s Santa Fe Super Chief Vista Dome Car that once operated on the line from Chicago to Los Angeles that inspired a few popular songs at the time.

Mexico FotomationFor details, contact
Sierra Madre Express
P.O. Box 26381
Tucson, AZ 85726-6381
Toll Free: 800-666-0346
520-747-0346, FAX: 520-747-0378

also see Mexican Getaways)

Send us Mail: If you've got a story to tell about your good times in Mexico by road, rail, cruise or air, we will be pleased to hear from you and will share it with our worldwide audience.

For more on Mexico, contact your travel agent or e-mail us at airhwy@dowco.com . Photos in above sequence are from a brochure courtesy of Mexico Tourism. Phone 1-800-44-MEXICO