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Air Highways 10th Anniversary Edition debuts at Major Travel Industry Events in 2006

... and one of our main inserts will bean update from our first edition in 1995 featuring many of the speakers from our Air Highway Days Expo and our Air and Marine Tourism Conference. Watch for more announcements on this exciting program.



One of the blessings of today's Computer Age is the ease which we can archive the results of our efforts of the past several decades - and leave a footprint in the sands of time. From thousands of photo images we've taken and processed during numerous trips and from the African Continent, to conference reports, speeches, in-depth interviews, biographies and flashbacks - our editors are able to recall, restore, rethink and regenerate a library of material from this vast treasury. That's why on this, the 10th Anniversary of our two travel-business magazines - and the 30th Anniversary of the Africa Travel Association, I am pleased to introduce some new features that will soon appear in our magazines and on our web sites.

On this site is a list of DOWNLOADS - each of which is available in the colorful, convenient, easy to print PDF format we love so well. This amazing technology, first introduced by Adobe about the time myself and friends were making our dauntless debut in the publishing side of this fascinating media world. The PDF, short for ' personal document file,' is finally gaining the acceptance it so rightly deserves.

Features from back issues of Air Highways and Africa Travel Magazine, plus other gems of interest to our readers worldwide, will be provided via this web site and sites that network with us. Please feel free to sample any of the selections below - we promise a much bigger choice in the months ahead.

What many readers don't know is that our first step in publishing was a series of travel maps showing various modes of transportation. Several hundred thousand copies were distributed by our clients Best Western Hotels and Avis Rent A Car to their customers. This led to an assignment by the Government of Canada to create what we called a "Supermap" of Air Routes. People wanted to know how to get from here to there - and most still do, judging from the e-mail inquires we receive. From this foundation we met with Transport Canada and regional Airport Managers to arrange distribution and develop a monthly series of articles on gateway airport communities.

"Thanks Boeing for a delightful introduction
Future of Flight Aviation Center

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In 1995, we launched "Air Highways Magazine" and organized an Air Highway Day event to showcase member airports and communities to the travel trade. This success was followed by an Air and Marine Tourism Expo. Good fortune continued to smile on us and we were contacted by the Africa Travel Association, based in New York. The publication we launched jointly with ATA is Africa Travel Magazine, which is now a well known entity in its field, along with a 2,400 page web site that's leading the pack in many search categories.

The idea of combining the best of both travel business magazines in a single issue was on my mind for several years - and this spring it began to grow roots. At the ATA 30th World Congress in Nairobi Kenya, we spoke to many delegates - and at one table alone we discovered that each person had flown a different route to Nairobi. Some arrived via Ethiopian Airlines from the USA with an overnight stop in Addis Ababa. Others came via Dubai with a stopover for shopping enroute, while many flew South African Airlines. In our own case, we began with a United Airlines flight from Seattle to London, then flew the second leg of the journey with Kenya Airways. Other delegates flew with SN Brussels, British Airways - and the list goes on.

My point is that many travelers have no clue as to the variety of options available. So, just like we did in North America with the Supermaps back in the early 90s, we proudly introduce "Air Highways to Africa." This prestige issue will debut in March 2006, and I am confident it will be well received. Copies of the original Air Highways Magazine and the APEC- Asia Pacific edition will soon be available on the PDF list below.

We invite your comments, backgrounders and news releases for this exciting new edition.

Warmest Regards

The Editor